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Fujikura FSM-11S Fusion Splicer
Fujikura FSM-15S Singlemode & Multimode Fiber Fusion Splicer with built-in Heat Shrink Oven

Includes 6 Month Fusion Splicer Care Kit (FS6MC)
– 4oz Flip Jar Of 99% Alcohol
– (50) Non-Lint Dry Wipes
– (6) Fiber Optic Wipes w/ 99% Alcohol
– 2oz Pump Fast Evaporating Mirror Spray
– (25) Camera Swabs
– (25) V-Groove Swabs

Includes Fujikura CT-07BS High Precision Fiber Cleaver, Hard Carrying Case & Accessories As Listed

FSM-15 S

Fujikura FSM-15S FSM15S Fusion Splicer Models On Sale Warranty Calibration Backed by The Best Service and Lowest Prices in the Industry.

Fujikura FSM-15S

Applicable Fiber Modes SM, GI and DS fibers to ITU-T(CCITT) Recommendations G.652, G.651, and G653 respectively.
Applicable Fiber Coating Diameters 250 and/or 900 microns.
No. Of Fibers To Be Spliced Single fiber to single fiber
Splice Loss 0.045 dB. Typ. with SM fiber 0.02 dB Typ. with GI fiber.
Return Loss >>60dB
Cleaved Fiber length 8 to 16mm
Viewing Angle Both X and y axes simultaneously
Magnification Of Fiber 100X
Viewing method CCD camera and LCD monitor
No. Of Splicing Programs 30 in total (10 for SM, 10 for GI, 10 for DS)
Splice Loss Estimation To Be Made On SM, GI, and DS fibers
No. Of Splice Results To Be Stored Last 100 splices
Altitude Compensation Function 0 to 3500 meters above sea level
Mechanical Proof Test On Spliced Fibers 200 grams (1/2 LB or 23 KPSI) standard unless ordered otherwise (450 grams [1 LB or 50 KSPI] optional)
Applicable Splice Protector Conventional heat-shrinkable splice protector with 60mm length, or alternatively 40mm length using the SPA-40 Splice Protector Adapter
Power Supply 12VDC from the interchangeable battery, external DC, or directly from AC (85 to 265VAC) using the ADC-06 AC/DC Converter